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Artisan Bags

Height: 20 cm

Width: 15 cm 

Diameter: 10 cm

The Story Behind Awadoré

Crafted by Vanessa Burgess, a fashion enthusiast, wife, and mother, Awadoré embodies her vision of offering premium swimwear while promoting sustainability and cultural appreciation. Transitioning from corporate life to pursue her passion, Vanessa was motivated by the environmental impact of fast fashion. Drawing from her Colombian heritage, she envisioned a brand marrying exquisite design with eco-friendly principles.

At Awadoré, we're dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact through sustainable production methods and materials. Our pieces, from recycled nylon to vivid prints inspired by Colombian landscapes and crafted using waterless printing techniques, narrate tales of heritage and artisanship.

We invite you to join our journey toward a more sustainable and culturally enriching approach to fashion. Our swimwear is proudly made in Colombia by women, reflecting our commitment to supporting local communities and empowering female artisans.

Our World

Welcome to Awadoré, where Colombian heritage meets sustainable fashion. Each swimsuit is a story of eco-consciousness, woven with mindful threads like recycled nylon and water-less printing. Our designs paint the vibrant hues of unique places or nature, inviting you to embrace not just fashion, but a rich cultural narrative. Dive in and discover the essence of Awadoré: where style, sustainability, and storytelling unite in harmony.